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You are a valued customer and we strive to answer your customer needs as quickly as possible but it can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for a response from us. If you need immediate assistance we can be reached during our business hours from 8 AM - 4:30 PM MST. (note the office is on Pacific Daylight time March 11th- Nov. 4th GMT +8) Monday through Friday by dialing 800-788-2796 or 928-284-5740 from Canada or abroad

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I view the Timers?

If you have subscribed to the Agricultural, Financial, or Mutual Fund Timer then you can view these reports through the Fortucast Flash Viewer. The Flash Viewer is a program that is a little more than a Megabyte in size and is downloaded to your computer desktop for easy access. Click here for instructions on downloading the Flash Viewer to your desktop.

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What if my office does not allow me to download software to my computer?

If you are not allowed or cannot download the software to you computer then you can access the Flash Viewer program through a Web Browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. Copy and paste the following URL into your Web Browser to access the Flash Viewer: http://www.fortucast.com/APP/Fortucast800x600.aspx

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I am trying to login to the Flash Viewer but it keeps displaying an error message of “Incorrect User Information”.

If you get this error message please retype in your user information because you may have entered it incorrectly. Remember that your username is your e-mail address you gave to us and a password was issued to you when you signed up. Make sure that you enter your username in lower case and that you have the Numbers Lock activated on your keyboard if your password contains numbers. If for some reason you still get this error message then there might be a problem with your account. In this case give our Customer Support a call. Click here for Customer Support.

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How do I change my password?

You can change your password by going to our website at http://www.fortucast.com/ and use the Members Login to access the Members Area. Once in the Members Area you can change your password at the bottom of this page.

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I am trying to login to the Flash Viewer and it says I am already connected—what is going on?

This error message will come up if you have another instance where your account information is logged into another Flash Viewer. Make sure that if you access your Timers through two different computers that you always close out of the application after using it. Also, if you have allowed or someone has accessed your account information, then it is possible that someone else is logged into the Flash Viewer already (remember your account information is for your use only). In rare instances, it could coincide when we are doing routine maintenance or uploading the latest Timer to be viewed (usually between 7pm and 10pm CST. In this case, try again in five minutes.

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What do I do if I logged into my account and it says I am not subscribed to my Timer?

This is an instance where your subscription time has expired. Either give us a call or renew your subscription at our website at www.fortucast.com/orders.aspx. In rare instances, there might be a problem with your account that needs to be addressed.

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I am on a network proxy setup at my place of business and I cannot get the downloaded version of the Flash Viewer to work. What can I do?

There is a version of the Flash Viewer in your Members Area that has a Flash Viewer for network proxy setups. Try downloading this version and see if it works. Otherwise, try using the Web Browser version of the Flash Viewer.

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I am only getting a half page when I print the Timer(s)—what is going on?

First of all, make sure you always print from the print icon located at the bottom of Flash Viewer. If are already using the icon and are still only getting partial pages then try printing either from the FULL SCREEN version (make sure your POP UP Blockers are off) or print from the normal screen version if you are already printing from the full screen to see if this remedies the problem. If this does not work then contact Customer Support.

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How do I turn off my POP UP Blockers?

In Internet Explorer go to the Tools menu and click “Turn off Pop Up Blocker.” If you are using Netscape, by default it is turned off. If you do have it enabled in Netscape, consult the Help menu on accessing information on how to turn off your Pop Up Blocker or allow certain websites not to be affected by this feature.

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Do you have a Flash Viewer for Macintosh systems?

Yes. You need to go to our website at http://www.fortucast.com/ and login to the Members Area to download the Macintosh version of the Flash Viewer. Also, you can you can use the Web Browser version by pasting in the following URL:


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Do you offer the Timers in e-mail format?

The reports can be sent through e-mail in special instances where one cannot use the Flash Viewer. Please contact customer support to troubleshoot any existing issues with the Flash Viewer first.

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I went to e-mail format and I cannot view the attached .pdf file. What can I do?

The e-mail reports are sent in a .pdf file format and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file type. Generally when opening the attachment, Acrobat Reader will open automatically to view the attached file. If this does not happen then you may not have the program on your computer. Click on the following link to download Acrobat Reader for Windows: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

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I have Adobe Acrobat Reader but I cannot open the .pdf file in my webmail program.

Depending on the configuration of some web-based email programs there will be problems opening the .pdf file. In this case we do offer a word document version that can be sent in e-mail.

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What is the phone number for my S&P Hotline subscription or trial?

You need to dial 1-515-830-XXXX and enter the current four-digit code given to you.

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Where do I find the current code for my S&P Hotline subscription or trial?

Go to http://www.fortucast.com/ website and login to the Members Area to seek the current code. If for some reason you are not able to see the code in the Members Area then call customer support at 1-800-788-2796 or e-mail us at support@fortucast.com

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How do I view the Rockefeller Currency Briefing?

The Rockefeller Currency Briefing is sent strictly through e-mail. If you need assistance with your subscription or trial give us a call at 1-800-788-2796 or e-mail us at support@fortucast.com

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Where do I find the Big Picture Overviews?

The Big Picture Overviews can be seen in the Members Area at http://www.fortucast.com/. Click on either Agricultural or Financial link to view the report in a .pdf format.

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Can I put my subscription on vacation hold?

Yes. The only exception would be with the Hotlines. Just give us a call at 1-800-788-2796 or e-mail us at support@fortucast.com to put your account on hold. The time you are gone will be added to the end of your subscription.

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What is you refund policy?

No refunds on the first 3 months of any subscription; 50% refund on remaining portion. No refunds on Hotlines, Home Study Course, or Rockefeller Currency Newsletter.

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Can I call in for personal consulting?

Unfortunately, Barry Rosen is unable to take calls for advice due to the large number of clients that subscribe to Fortucast. We do have trained outside brokers who have access to Barry intraday if you trade with them. To get more information on these programs contact us at 1-800-788-2796 or e-mail us at info@fortucast.com.

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When do I have access to the latest Timer(s)?

The Timers will be posted the night before the next day markets. This happens generally between 7 and 10pm CST. For Monday markets, ninety percent of the time, the Timer(s) will be available on the Friday night before the weekend and the other ten percent of time by Sunday at 5pm CST.

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Do you have a track record?

Fortucast is more of a forecasting tool rather than a system program. Consequently people get in and out at various prices and do not follow our recommendations. At times of the year, semi-annual or annually after we have time to carefully audit, we publish our record.

Fortucast focuses on precise timing and movement analysis while also attempting to provide insights into market behavior that are not found elsewhere. It is not a black box system. Seasoned traders, that have good money management skills, and who react quickly to changing market conditions, do particularly well with Fortucast reports. With respect to Fortucast, they read between the lines, and enter and exit at slightly different prices than our recommendations based on their insights and unexpected market conditions. Our track record is a reflection of all the official recommendations that we have made and are entirely hypothetical. In fact, very few of our clients take every trade that we recommend, especially in terms of the multiple position strategies we may suggest. We ask you to work with your broker, taking into consideration your net worth, the size of your account, the markets they are familiar with, and their margins in order to develop money management strategies that best suit your personal finances. Two of the most common errors made by both new and seasoned commodity traders are undercapitalization and improper money management.

Fortucast recommends that you have at least 4 times the margin money recommended by your clearing firm available for every commodity that you trade. We suggest that no particular trade should risk more than 10% of your capital. In addition, for most short-term speculators, the ideal entry point(s) should be identified so that the amount at risk is in the $300-400 range. If you decide to trade multiple positions, a good principle is to be in a profitable position before adding as well as having sufficient equity to manage the additional exposure.

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